The finals of the 8-Ball Classic were decided on Friday, April 28 in this year’s Poolplayer Championships. Champions in the 8-Ball Classic receive $15,000 in cash and prizes!

Frederick Seilheimer of Illinois was the Sportsmanship Winner in the 8-Ball Classic.

Blue Tier (Skill Levels 2-3)

In the Blue Tier, Jennifer Slifer of Phoenixville, Pa., defeated Carrie Schulz of Apopka, Fla.

Yellow Tier (Skill Level 4)

In the Yellow Tier, Michelle Diaz of Hollywood, Fla., defeated Michael Prebish of Pittston, Pa.

Red Tier (Skill Level 5)

In the Red Tier, Jonathan Neman of Wilmington, N.C., defeated Christian Nakpil of Largo, Fla.

Orange Tier (Skill Level 6)

In the Orange Tier, Joshua Manuel of West Covina, Calif., defeated Anthony Lewis of Mongomery, Ill.

Purple Tier (Skill Level 7)

In the Purple Tier, Darryl Davis of Raeford, N.C., defeated Bob Hendrix of Zeeland, Mich.

Sportsmanship Winner

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