Letters to the Editor

Sportsmanship is defined as, “fair and generous behavior or treatment of others, especially in a sports contest.”  This is the embodiment of what the APA is all about.

In 2019 at the APA World Pool Championships in Las Vegas our team, It’s Ya Round Again, from Meaux, La., was paired against the Warriors from Providence, R.I.  During the very competitive battle, our teams seemed to mesh well with each other’s personalities.

Although we prevailed and moved onto the winner’s bracket, we felt a connection and vowed to support each other’s team for the remaining portion of the tournament.

Both teams made a point to visit and give words of encouragement throughout the rest of the tournament up until the very end. Before heading home, we exchanged numbers, friend requests on Facebook and, of course, in true Louisiana fashion offered an invitation to visit any time they wanted.

Over the following four months, we stayed connected sending pictures, videos and even a few Facetime calls. What began as a competition had evolved into a true friendship.

We received a call in December that a few members of the Warriors wanted to take us up on our offer and visit. We were ecstatic! Over the next few months, we made plans for them to visit during our favorite time of year, Mardi Gras.

As soon as their plane hit the ground the party began. We boiled crawfish, attended parades, gave cooking lessons, toured the Atchafalaya Basin and Louisiana marsh and still found time to shoot a few games of pool.

I truly believe that we have made a lifelong friendship through this experience.  

We had planned a trip to Rhode Island in August to see Johnathan and Renee, two team members of the Warriors, get married. Unfortunately, COVID stalled those plans, but we still hope to get up there sometime next year.

Through the pandemic, our teams have kept in touch, doing Facetime calls at least twice a month.

APA members a little word of advice…be respectful and kind to your opponents, you never know when your new best friends could be sitting across from you.

Thanks, APA, for a great experience!!

It’s Ya Round Again & The Warriors

Submitted by Shane Hebert, APA Acadiana member

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