All Stars from Hamilton, Ohio are a Ladies 8-Ball team that were in Vegas to win! This was their third time competing at the National Team Championships in the Ladies 8-Ball Division—in 2011 they took 9th Place and in 2012 placed 5th. Needless to say, they hoped to bring home the champion trophy and $10,000 this year.

“I do feel that we have an advantage since we have competed at the National Team Championships before,” team member Anita Little said. “When we came in 2011, some of the girls had never been to Vegas and had never competed in a huge tournament like the NTC. We’re not as nervous because we have been there before and we know the ropes. Who am I kidding…we are ALWAYS nervous in Vegas. No matter how many times we have been there we’re just as excited as we were the first time!”

The team first started playing together in 2008. They have a very strong bond, having gone through many adversities together including losing family members. Just as family does, they all commit to band together and hold their heads high.
“We started out to form a great pool team but ended up forming a great family,” Anita said. “We have an amazing bond that makes our team special. We are involved with each other’s lives not only at pool but on a day-to-day basis and we are there for each other in times of happiness and sorrow.”

Team members include: Anita Little, Tammy Maxwell, Joni Nicely, Brenda Napper, Sherri Downard, Donna Litschgi, Jenny Meyers and Mickelle Fuhrman. Donna also competed in the Open 8-Ball Division with her husband and Anita’s husband, so the All Stars were cheering on their team as well!

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