It’s been said that both George Washington and Thomas Jefferson loved the sport of billiards – Jefferson reportedly had a table at Monticello!

We’re sure the rest of the Founding Fathers would have agreed, and here’s few reasons why:


5. Vegas – No, Sin City didn’t exist back in the day, but no doubt the Founding Fathers would have gotten the VIP Treatment all over town had they qualified for the APA World Championships.

4. Physics – Benjamin Franklin was a renowned scientist. He would have been fascinated by the physics of the game. Imagine if he’d see one of Venom’s trick shot videos.

3. Strategy – to defeat the British, the Founding Fathers had to be brilliant strategists. We’re guessing they’d have no problem deciding whether to play their skill level 4 or 6 in that pivotal third match.

2. Good Sportsmanship – imagine the number of lives saved if George Washington and the King of England squared-off on the pool table instead of the battlefield!

1. Leadership – Team Captain: George Washington. Co-Captain: John Adams. Enough said.

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