The day after we arrived in Chicago, the snow began to fall. We were hotel bound on Tuesday because of it, so we spent the day interviewing Jeanette from the comfort of the hotel. We’ll be using the footage in a documentary about Jeanette that we’ll be producing later this year.

Wednesday marked the official start of the Black Widow Tour. We spent the morning preparing the Mark II for the first show. Jeanette arrived to the show early to meet with VIPs privately. The show went great—we had an excellent turnout and the fans were awesome! Jeanette put on a great show, giving guests a little insight into her personal life. She also performed some trick shots and played a few lucky challengers. Guests then had the opportunity to get a photo and autograph from the Black Widow.

The second show went just as smooth. We once again spent Thursday morning preparing the location for the event—this time it was the Fox & Hound in Arlington Heights. That evening, fans saw a great show. She once again performed trick shots, talked a bit about her history and played challenge matches. Photos and autographs were also provided free of charge.

We’d like to thank all of the APA members who came out for the first Black Widow Tour stops in Chicago! And, we’d especially like to thank those who signed up to be APA members the night of the shows—welcome to the League! Non-APA members who signed up the night of the show received a discounted membership of $20, a free t-shirt and a chance to challenge the Black Widow.

Be sure to check out all the photos from the events on the Photos page at http://www.facebook.com/apablackwidowtour.

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