APA staff members headed to Joplin, Mo., on Saturday, July 23 to meet with APA members affected by the tornado and personally deliver donated goods. After the devastating tornado hit the city in late May, APA identified three families who lost nearly everything in the tornado.  The families all had children ranging in age from 9 months to 12 years.

APA contacted the families to find out what they needed most.  “We asked the families what they liked to do and what their kids liked to do,” said Michelle Rock, APA Franchise Compliance Director and one of two APA staff members that made the trip to Joplin.  “Our hope was to bring some normalcy back to their lives as best we could by supplying them with items they might not get from other organizations— items like toys, games and books.”

APA also delivered gift cards to the families so they can buy items such as kitchen supplies and bedding when they’re able to move back into homes of their own.

All items were donated by APA National Office Staff and employees at other companies that occupy the same office building that APA National Offices are located.

“The families were extremely grateful and appreciative that the APA would go to this effort,” Rock said.  “I find it amazing that they could go through a horrifying F5 tornado, fear for their lives and the lives of their children, lose their homes and everything in them, and still remain positive.  They ALL were positive, smiling and enjoying life with their kids and spouses.”

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