Brianne Breniser from Temple, Texas is in the United States Army stationed at Fort Hood Texas. He’s been in the Army for more than 20 years and says the support he receives now is unmatched by any unit that he’s ever served. He never had much spare time while deployed, but always found a few minutes to shoot pool and unwind.

Brianne is a single father and only began playing pool on a regular basis after being asked to join APA by a couple of players in his area. He’s currently in his fourth year playing in the League and enjoys the family feeling of the Central Texas APA. Brianne is a skill level 5 in both 8-Ball and 9-Ball. All three teams that he’s on are very close and work hard to help each other improve. As soon as Brianne joined the team, one of the older players took him under his wing and taught the ins and outs of APA play. “Mr. Stone will always be my coach and mentor,” says Brianne.

361-Breniser-mil-bigBrianne’s Team Captain, Sheryl Sofge, is like a mother according to him. Sheryl’s husband, Ted, has taken Brianne’s 13- year-old son Nathaniel on as a student. He spends his Sundays at the Greenroom in Temple, Texas working with Nathaniel. Sheryl and Ted own and operate the Greenroom. One day Brianne hopes to play on a team with his son.

“As a soldier, we travel and don’t spend much time with our extended family,” said Breniser. “But it’s not that way here in the APA. I feel as though every time I go to pool I am going to see family.”

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