Cities and states across North America are navigating a “new normal” during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Businesses are making adjustments to keep their customers safe and to comply with government restrictions required to re-open their doors.

Some areas of the country have been able to resume APA League play, while other areas of the country still patiently wait for their favorite Host Locations to re-open.  In some cases, APA Leagues have been able to restart, only to have Host Locations close their doors again due to patrons not following appropriate safety guidelines.

APA is committed to keeping its members as safe as possible as they return to League play, and to working with our Host Location partners to ensure members are adhering to local guidelines and restrictions set forth by their local governments.

To help encourage our members to take proper safety precautions when playing League, APA is introducing the #PlaySafe campaign.

The campaign encourages members to practice safe habits on League night, such as staying home when sick, washing hands before and after a match, keeping 6 feet of distance from teammates, and encouraging the use of masks.

In areas where masks are required by local officials or the Host Location, it’s imperative that our members wear them when playing APA League.  Not following those requirements can put the Host Location in jeopardy of being forced to close. 

In areas where masks are not mandated, we strongly encourage you and your teammates to wear them.  We understand not everyone agrees with mask usage, but we encourage you to wear one to keep your teammates safe, and to try and avoid further shutdown of your favorite bar, poolroom or host location.

In addition to encouraging mask usage, APA has outlined several other important tips to try and minimize risk during League play.

As a valued member of your local APA League and community, we sincerely hope that you will support the #PlaySafe campaign by setting a good example, and by encouraging your teammates to follow the guidelines set forth in the campaign.

Together, we can make a difference in keeping our Host Locations open and our teammates safe, while getting back to the sport we love!

Play safe, be well!

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