League Operator Spotlight: Erin Lacy – McAllen, TX

How long were you an APA member before deciding to become a League Operator?

I was a poolplayer for about 7 years and an APA player for a year.  Our then  League Operator started talking to me about being an LO and I KNEW it was something I would love to do.

What made you decide to look into becoming a League Operator?  Was the process of becoming a League Operator difficult?

I LOVE POOL! So, the idea of getting to be around pool everyday sounded like heaven to me. The process isn’t difficult at all but, just remember this is a job interview. The APA is dedicated to finding the best League Operator for each area.

Briefly describe life as a League Operator.  

Busy. There’s ALWAYS something going on in my League area. Whether its regular league during the week or tournaments and Singles Boards on the weekends. It’s a full-time job but because you get to make your own schedule you get to choose the times you work.

What do you most enjoy about being a League Operator?

My schedule. I’m a mom of two awesome kids. When I first became a League Operator my son was 1 and my daughter was 4. This job allowed me to spend days with my kids and work nights while they were sleeping. Now that they are 10 and 13, I can pick them up most days from school, help them with their homework and really have the time to be there for them. It’s extremely hard to find a job that can offer you that.

What advice would you give to someone considering becoming a League Operator?

Know your area.  Really look into everything in the county(s) you are wanting to buy and set realistic goals for yourself.

If you’d like to learn more about franchising your own APA League, visit poolplayers.com/leagueoperator today!

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