Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms! We solicited submissions on our Facebook page for Mother’s Day to celebrate! Below are just a few of those submissions. 

Linda Gargano

Tuesday night is a real family affair. My sister, Lauren Gargano Yates, and I have been on the same team for more than a few years. My mother and father both decided to join us in 2019. They are not only great parents, but great teammates as well. Linda (mom) is a 3/2, and she plays every game like Vegas is on the line. She’s all smiles and fun before and after her match, but she’s all Super Serious (team name) during her match. Proud to say both mom and dad are true students of the game, always striving to improve and win, and never want to let the team down. Their pool table has gotten more use in the last 2 years than it has in the previous 40. The picture is the 4 of us after a night of League.  – submitted by Andrew Gargano

Andrew Gargano, so well said! After watching them invest their entire lives in us, it’s so rewarding to see them do something they enjoy for themselves. They drive about an hour and a half each way to play with us and there’s nothing more rewarding than watching them walk into the pool hall, smiles from ear to ear, exchanging hello’s and checking up on all of their friends (some who call them mom and dad, some who call them Paul and Linda). The memories we’ve shared, and the experience of having them be part of the pool team with us, are beyond priceless. I know that not everyone is blessed with the opportunity to be so fortunate. Thank you APA! – submitted by Lauren Gargano Yates

Shelly Underwood-Myers

I have been playing with my mom, Shelly A Underwood-Myers, since 2014! We play on an 8-Ball team and a Double Jeopardy team. We just recently qualified to go to Vegas for the Team Captains Championship! She is the reason I love the game now, and I wouldn’t trade anything in the world for spending time playing with her. She has taught me so much on and off the table that I will cherish forever. She was able to turn two scrubs (my sister, Kira Myers, and I) into decent players that have since evolved into even better players, and now we teach her things. – submitted by Camille Myers

I started playing on my mom’s 8-Ball team in Fall 2013 and my sister, Camille Myers, joined the following session. Currently, the 3 of us play together on that same 8-Ball team as well as a 9-Ball team for Double Jeopardy night – and my 8-Ball team. We are also qualified with a couple of other great players for the Vegas Team Captains Championship event this year! I wouldn’t trade anything for the time I get with my mom doing something we both love. – submitted by Kira Myers

Jackie Blomlie

My mom introduced me to pool! She’s been playing since before I was born! She’s incredible! We love playing together! My mom placed Runner-Up in the Womens U.S. Amateur Championship in 2016. I’m so proud of her and everything she accomplishes! I can only hope to one day be as good as she is. She helps me and builds me every day! I love my momma so much! – submitted by Brittany Blomlie

Debi Burdeshaw

The number of things I could say about this woman would make most people see her in a different light. This is Debi Burdeshaw. She is not my biological mother but she took me in at 6 years old and fed and raised me as her own. She bought me clothes, came to football games, and dealt with me and my brother destroying the house and our friends coming over all the time. She’s helped me through ups and downs and motivated me when I needed it. She inspired me to pick up a pool stick and 16 years later I’m more in love with the game than ever. She’s also our League Operator around here and does more for the pool community then anyone I have ever met. She’s not my biological mom but she is my mom, a grandmother, my mentor, my coach and my inspiration. Momma thank you for everything you have done for me. – submitted by Mitchel Tucker

Gloria Fitts

I actually have the pleasure of playing with both of my parents (Gloria Fitts and David Fitts). My mom has been playing since 2011 and my dad since 2013. My mom, dad and I play on Tuesday nights together. My mom and I play Wednesday nights together and my dad and I play Thursday nights together. My mom is turning 68 on May 22 during our Tricups event. My parents and I have even been to Vegas together for different national events including teams. I love the fact that I get to see both of my parents weekly and get to spend time with them and make memories together weekly because of pool. I’m ready for August because we will all be in Vegas together for different events. My mom is playing in the Ladies 8-Ball Championship and Team Captains Championship. My dad is playing in the Team Captains Championship and I’m playing in the 8-Ball Classic. More memories to be made all because of APA. – submitted by Samantha Gutenacht

Penny Wolinski

The pic is of my mom (Penny Wolinski) and I this past weekend at Tricups! She’s 73 and shoots 2 nights a week with me! – submitted by Sarah Conrad

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