APA of North Alabama League Operators Cyndi Harbin and Lee Zeiher host several charity events throughout the year to benefit causes near and dear to their hearts.

In October, they hosted the 2nd Annual Deborah McClure Breast Cancer event. Last year, they renamed the event after longtime member, Team Captain, Division Rep and dear friend, Deborah McClure, who lost her battle with breast cancer. After a huge turnout of 47 teams, plus players that attended to make donations and bid on silent auction items, they raised over $6,000 for the Liz Hurley Foundation of Huntsville Hospital.

“We didn’t think we would beat our contribution of $5,407 from last year, but because of Deb’s passing, players came out in droves,” Lee said. “Due to some extreme help from player Kayse Sharp who raised a ton of contributions from local businesses for the silent auction, we crushed it!”

On Nov. 12, 2022, they held their annual doubles tournament to benefit Kids to Love. Kids to Love is an organization that supports families of foster kids.

They had a total of 42 players compete in the event at Bumpers Billiards in Huntsville, Ala. Each player brought a new toy as part of their entry fee. Many other players also attended to show their support and make donations.

When all was said and done, they collected over $3,675 worth of cash, toys and gifts cards for Kids to Love!

“We love our League family who enjoys contributing to our community as much as Cyndi and I do,” Lee said.

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