APA members traveling to Las Vegas next August are in for a global affair – literally!

Beginning in 2016, APA members can look forward to qualifying for the APA World Pool Championships!  Formerly known as the APA National Team Championships, the event has been rebranded to better reflect its global field of competition.  What began as a national event consisting of teams from just the United States in 1981, quickly expanded to a North American showdown when Canada joined the mix in the late 1980’s.  Then in 2009, Japan officially entered the picture, sending their first team to compete in Vegas.  With more global expansion expected, rebranding simply made sense.  The World Pool Championships will consist of both an 8-Ball and 9-Ball Division.

The World Pool Championships aren’t the only APA championships getting a makeover.  The APA National Singles Championships, typically held in Vegas in late April/early May, will be rebranded as the APA Poolplayer Championships.  That event will encompass both the 8-Ball Classic and 9-Ball Shootout which offer individual competition instead of team competition.

Both the World Pool Championships and the Poolplayer Championships will feature Showdown Series events that include the Masters, Ladies 8-Ball and Jack & Jill Championships in August and the 8-Ball and 9-Ball Doubles and Wheelchair Championships in late April/early May.

APA World Pool Championships (formerly APA National Team Championships)
8-Ball World Championship
9-Ball World Championship

APA Poolplayer Championships (formerly APA National Singles Championships)
8-Ball Classic
9-Ball Shootout

Showdown Series (formerly Preregistered Events)

Events held in conjunction with the Poolplayer Championships in late-April/early-May:
8-Ball Doubles Championship
9-Ball Doubles Championship
Wheelchair Championship

Events held in conjunction with the World Pool Championships:
Masters Championship
Ladies 8-Ball Championship
Jack & Jill Championship

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