National Siblings Day is April 10!

This year, we thought we’d celebrate by sharing a few stories about siblings that play APA! These were submitted to us on our Facebook page.



Stormy Mcbride & Dakota Mcbride

Dakota and I, or should I say the kid and I, started playing pool when we were very young. We practically grew up in the bars. Our parents and grandpa played on league and we would beg to go. For birthdays Dakota would ask to go play at the bar. For me it was just something to do with my sibling, but over the years of being the supportive person, he talked me into playing league. Time-outs? I’ve never seen someone who watches players and is able to adjust to THEIR shooting style and not just his like Dakota. As for me, DONT give me the time-out unless I give “the look”. This game has given us the opportunity to gain new friends, in many different places. We have grown up and seen the community come together through the league and family of APA. But, through it all, the most important is Dakota has taught me a lot in pool, and helped me grow our bond and my ability to play! – submitted by Stormy Mcbride

T.j. Howard & Miles Howard

My brother, Miles Howard, and I have been playing for over 10 years in the Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina area. We’ve had the fortune of going to Vegas with a men’s league team in 2013, and I also went separately with my 2016 team and he was still able to tag along! We’ve both improved our games vastly throughout the years; he’s a 7 in 8-Ball, 8 in 9-Ball. I’m a 6 in both currently. We play Thursday nights together at High House Billiards in Cary, NC. – submitted by T.j. Howard

Kristina Salter & Brian Lowell

My brother and I played Jack and Jill in 2010. He was a 6 and I a 4. We had a blast. Now he’s a 7 and I’m a 6. Now I play with my other brother on an 8-Ball team. And he too is a 6. This is definitely a family affair. Now it’s my father, stepmom, stepbrother, 2 brothers, sister-in-laws, and my husband that play APA. But, at one time there was my niece, nephew and his wife, my son, and another stepbrother that all played. Been to Vegas 3 times…once for Jake & Jill, twice for Ladies. I will be attending again this year for the 8-Ball Classic in the skill level 6 tier. Whether it’s my real family or my APA family… I’ll always love being with these players! APA rules!!! – submitted by Kristina Salter

Nicole Netherland & Erika Tucker

My sister & I both play APA. Years ago I wished I had a spot on my team for her; however we went to the pool hall and asked about getting her into playing on a team. My sister ended up joining the team of who is now her husband. I also started a ladies division team years ago and my sister joined with me. Over the years she has been on a few teams with me but the one we have always done together is ladies. Here we are at one of the National ladies division championship events in 2015.  – submitted by Nicole Netherland

The Gentile’s

Teams made up of siblings and a great set of parents all have shared the same passion for pool over the past few years. Our sibling team captained by the one and only Domenic Gentile, missed Vegas by one 8-ball in our last visit to cities. This pool shooting fam is extremely competitive and still works hard. This year we are working extra hard and hoping to fulfill Domenic’s dream of making it to Vegas. Unfortunately, Domenic passed away before we could go back for our revenge. So, his Thursday team will be playing this summer in memory of him. We will be playing with full hearts and talent so look out everyone! This team is ready for a Vegas trip!!

Domenic captained a team with his 2 sisters, brother-in-law, and a group of friends that he loved dearly. He also played on teams with both of his parents. He loved the game of pool so very much, and his youngest sister will be joining APA this session. – submitted by Caitlyn Gentile

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