APA U.S. Amateur Championship Rounds Dress Code

You are competing in one of the most prestigious amateur tournaments in the sport of pool. Please be aware that this event attracts local and national media attention. Radio and television media, as well as local newspaper and national sports magazine reporters, are becoming increasingly interested in the sport of pool and some of these people may only appear to be spectators in the crowd.

Expect that you’ll be recorded for televised segments of sports news, amateur tournament and social media videos, or you may be professionally photographed at any time during the event. Be prepared by dressing appropriately.

The wearing of any logo other than that of the American Poolplayers Association, the APA’s official sponsors or your personal sponsor for the event is prohibited.

Please do your part to enhance the image of our sport by adhering to this dress code.

The APA expects a participant’s appearance to be neat, clean and of good taste so that each individual may share in promoting a positive, healthy safe and sportsmanlike atmosphere within the Tournament.

When, in the judgment of the Tournament Director, a participant’s appearance, hygiene or mode of dress disrupts play or does not comply, the participant may be required to make modifications and/or forfeit their match. No match will be delayed due to a dress code violation. Do not take a chance on forfeiting a match due to a dress code violation.

Proper footwear must be worn at all times. All attire must be clean without tears, holes, or stains.

Mens Proper Dress Includes:
Casual slacks
Dress pants
Sleeved shirts in good taste

Womens Proper Dress Includes:
Casual slacks
Dress pants
Shirts in good taste
Dresses, shorts, and skirts must be of conservative length.

Hats, t-shirts, shorts, athletic apparel, cargo pants, or jeans.

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