The US Amateur Championship, and the title US Amateur Champion, are synonymous with words like dedication, perseverance, sportsmanship and class.

Those who pursue the title embody these words and strive to have their name forever linked to such qualities.

Ross, Brodt, Parks… All who’ve come before, all forever etched in history as a US Amateur Champion.

In August 2013, APA founder and billiard Hall of Famer Larry Hubbart passed away.  Larry truly embodied many of the same qualities the US Amateur Championship stands for.

This past April, fellow APA founder and Hall of Famer Terry Bell announced that beginning with this year’s event, the US Amateur Champion wound be the recipient of the new Larry Hubbart Trophy.

The new trophy made it’s first public appearance today following the player’s meeting.  In addition to receiving the Larry Hubbart Trophy, each year’s winner’s name will now be represented on the new Larry Hubbart Trophy of Champions which remains on display year round at the APA National Office.


We hope all of you will help to honor Larry’s name, not only by the way you compete, but by the way you conduct yourself as a Poolplayer.

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