The COVID-19 pandemic brought restrictions that limited our ability to play pool. In some areas, those restrictions continue to keep people from enjoying the sport we love with our teammates. But, there are still ways you can keep in touch and be a good teammate during these difficult times.

Here are just a few tips:


  1. Zoom/FaceTime/Video Chats – schedule weekly video calls with your teammates. Maybe you even turn it into a weekly Happy Hour. Or, it could just be a great opportunity to catch up and see some fresh faces.
  2. Virtual Matches – if you’ve got access to a pool table, host virtual matches with your friends/teammates.
  3. Check-In – a simple text can mean the world to some people. Check-in on your teammates and see how they’re doing.
  4. Improve Your Game with Videos – if you’re not able to practice together, check out our YouTube channel for tons of instructional videos to help improve your game.
  5. Brush Up on Rules/Scorekeeping – we have tons of videos on our YouTube channel and materials on our website to help you better understand all of the rules and learn how to keep proper score.
  6. Social Distance on League Night – maybe you’re able to play League in your area…if so, practice social distancing and wear a mask to make your fellow teammates and opponents feel comfortable.
  7. Stay Home When Sick – if you’re feeling sick, stay home on League night and during other social functions.
  8. Practice Good Sportsmanship – rather than shake hands, commend both your teammates and opponents with words of encouragement. A little positivity goes a long way and you never know when a few words could make someone’s day!
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