The APA teamed up with the Black Widow, Jeanette Lee, to try and spread some much needed cheer to the recent evacuees of the Colorado wildfires.  Numerous members of the Colorado Springs APA were directly affected by the fires that forced 32,000 residents from their homes – including APA League Operator Joseph Woolery.

Jeanette was in town as part of the APA Black Widow tour with a stop at the Purple Mountain Brewfest in Colorado Springs.  As firefighters bravely battled the flames, Woolery decided to do what he could to help his community.  He met with community leaders to discuss whether or not to postpone the event.  Not only did they ask Woolery to carry on as planned, they formulated a plan to have Jeanette visit some of the evacuation centers.

“We thought about postponing the event out of respect for those displaced by the fires.  But after talking to local leaders, all of them felt strongly that we needed to move forward to try and lift some spirits.  That’s when Jeanette and I decided to go a step further and spend the day out in the community visiting the evacuees,” said Woolery.

Jeanette signed autographs, poised for pictures, distributed more than 600 t-shirts and gave out countless hugs!  Colorado Springs APA donated 1,000 tickets to Jeanette’s Black Widow Tour stop at the Brewfest.

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