The Derieg Law Defenders of Columbia, S.C., are a versatile group of poolplayers who share an incredible bond. The team consists of a lawyer, preacher, gun maker, old student, young student, metal worker and pawn shop manager. When their Team Captain was diagnosed with three types of cancer, the team made it their mission to get him to Vegas. Lo and behold, the team was able to keep their word.

“Our team has an incredibly close bond. We are such a diverse group of great friends who truly care about one another,” said team member Lisa Ridgeway. “Two of our members (our current Team Captain and a former team member) have had serious health problems so it means a great deal to our team that we are able to participate in the National Championships.”

They’ve been playing together for about 2 years. Several of them played on an 8-Ball team together and decided they wanted to form a 9-Ball team. They hoped to represent their League in a positive way and play the best pool of their lives!

Team members include: Lisa Ridgeway, Lir Diereg, Roger Wilson, Alex Rose, Travis Amick, James Murray and Sarah Wallace.

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