CoupleIt’s rare to see a husband and wife combination qualify for the U.S. Amateur Championship, but that’s just what Frank “Hammer” Rice and his wife Maria “Nails” Rice did.

The couple from San Dimas, Calif., both qualified from the Preliminary Round held in Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., and have traveled from the West Coast to try and become the first husband and wife duo to capture U.S. Amateur Championship titles.

They realize the rarity of such a feat, but will have the advantage of leaning on the other for emotional support as well as critiquing their matches.

“Having each other as support in the tournament will absolutely add an extra level of confidence to our games during play.  Win or lose, we’ll be there for each other.  We’re constantly critiquing each other’s games during tournaments, leagues and practice.  Looking at situations on the table from different perspectives is one the most valuable ways to increase your knowledge and experience of the game,” said Frank.

This is the second consecutive year that both Frank and Maria have qualified for the U.S. Amateur Championship.

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