After playing in APA for 20 years, Dave Rearick finally has made it to the National Team Championships for the first time! His team, Hound Dogs, from Fulton, N.Y., has been playing together since 2010. Four other members of the team also attended the National Team Championships for the first time. Dave’s son, Chad Rearick, also plays on Hound Dogs, but was unable to make the trip because he’s battling cancer. Chad was in good spirits and  rooted the team on from at home. Another member of the team, Tim Longley, is just coming off knee replacement surgery but made the trek to Vegas.

“Our team is special for many reasons, but mostly because we always have a great time and are always there to make each other laugh and pick each other up!” team member Russ Crutchley said.

Hound Dogs competed in the 9-Ball Open Division. They looked forward to meeting new people and making new friends while in Vegas.

“Our expectations for the tournament are to play to the best of our abilities and hopefully walk away with a Championship to bring back to Chad who can’t make it!” Crutchley said.

Team members include: Carl Clothier, Russ Crutchley, Jamie Crutchley, Chad Rearick, Ray Bedford, Dave Rearick, Deb Fox and Tim Longley.

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