Jacksonville APA League Operators Mike & Kelly Moore teamed up with First Coast APA League Operators Ken & Tabitha Lewis to donate food to Feeding Northeast Florida as a way to pay it forward.

The two League areas tracked their players accomplishments in the month of November (rackless, 9-on-the-snap, 8-Ball and 9-Ball break-and-runs, and 8-on-the-break). For each accomplishment earned in both APA areas they purchased four food items to donate. In total, there were 439 accomplishments across the two areas. A handful of players also donated money and/or food items as well. They were able to drop off a donation of over 1,000 pounds of food, which the food bank calculates as roughly 850 meals!

Feeding Northeast Florida distributes over 84,000 meals a day through their partnership organizations in 8 counties. The need is great. Find out more about Feeding Northeast Florida, or make a donation to support their work this season at their website: https://feedingnefl.org/

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