APA Junior Championships

Dress Code For Participation

The APA expects a participant’s appearance to be neat, clean and of good taste so that each individual may share in promoting a positive, healthy and safe atmosphere within the Tournament.


Participant dress, grooming and good hygiene will be the responsibility of the individual and parents/guardians, within the following guidelines:


  1. Dress and grooming will be clean and in keeping with health, sanitary and safety requirements.
  2. Proper footwear must be worn.
  3. Items of clothing or jewelry associated with a controlled substance are not permitted.
  4. Dress and grooming will not disrupt the Tournament or cause undue attention to an individual participant.
  5. The following items are not allowed:
  6. house shoes or slippers
  7. muscle shirts, basketball jerseys, halter tops, midriffs, backless or racerback apparel, sagging pants, gym shorts, sweat pants, yoga pants, short shorts above mid-thigh (undergarments cannot be exposed including boxers and bra straps)
  8. clothing, stickers, insignias, colors, visible tattoos that indicate membership in, affiliation with, or support of any gang or similar organization associated with violence, drugs, intimidation or other criminal activity (including rebel flags and swastikas)
  9. clothing which promotes drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and/or its products
  10. clothing with sexually suggestive messages, messages that promote the occult, or messages of vulgar nature
  11. clothing with holes above mid-thigh or exposing undergarments
  12. jewelry and chains that may be used as a weapon or that present a safety concern


When, in the judgment of the Tournament Director, a participant’s appearance or hygiene disrupts or mode of dress does not comply with the above criteria, the participant may be required to make modifications and/or forfeit their match.


Semifinal & Final Matches

The attire for the semifinal and final matches will be nice casual.  Hats, denim shorts and blue jeans are also not allowed.

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