King Henry is gonna party like it’s 1999.  Sixteen years after winning his second consecutive U.S. Amateur Championship title (1998-99), Henry Brodt now has a third to add to his royal collection.

He defeated fellow former U.S. Amateur Champion David Rowell of Birmingham, Ala., 11-2 in the finals.  Brodt  apparently discovered the fountain of youth after retiring and moving to Laguana Beach, Calif.  Not only did he win his third title, at the age of 68, he also becomes the oldest player to every win the tournament.

Brodt went undefeated throughout the 3-day event, plowing through a field that included numerous players half his age.  Brodt will advance to the U.S. Open next fall courtesy of the APA.

Rowell finishes as Runner-up in this year’s event, his strongest finish since finishing as Runner-up in 2010. Rowell’s only losses in this year’s event came at the hands of Brodt.


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