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Flushing Beauty Billiards star Jeanette Lee comes … kaerombilrieodeuseo tricks billiard exhibition [New York JoongAng Ilbo]

Beauty Billiards star Jeanette Lee (pictured) is coming to Flushing.

Job Midang Association (APA), according to the following 21 days 19:00 Jeanette Lee Linden Place, Flushing Carom billiards in the billiard tricks billiard Koreans events open trial. This event is in progress, APA and the Black Latitude Tour ‘as part of the pool designed in the PR event.

Jeanette Lee day trial with billiard tricks and plans to open an autograph. In another venue to improvise all the fans and the game will do.

Jeanette Lee, “Billiards is a sport anyone can enjoy superior scores with provisions to allow beginners to play with You’re a good sport regardless of age and sex,” he said. Jeanette Lee, currently the official spokesperson of the APA is responsible along with the title.

Meanwhile, ESPN’s pictorial, Jeanette Lee as recently has attracted the attention of fans. Jeanette rippun pictorial rather than the U.S. national soccer team goalkeeper Tim Howard, United States women’s basketball national team in atmospheres of Diana, American figure skater Evan Lysacek, such as national sports celebrities people come to disclose the topic is scattered.

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