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APA: How long were you an APA member before deciding to become a League Operator?

Larry: Cindy (my wife) had been playing APA for about 15 years and I played for about 3 years before buying the League. We actually met each other playing APA!

APA: What made you decide to look into becoming a League Operator?

Larry: Right after Cindy and I married, we decided to start a team in Athens, Ga. It was about 30 miles one way, which was the nearest APA League to our house. At the time, Athens was part of Atlanta APA. I met our League Operator at the time (Woody McClure) at our first Tri-Cup. I tried to tell him he needed to buy the League where we lived; I even offered to run it for him. He told me that I should buy it myself. On the way home that night, I told Cindy I was thinking about buying the League. She thought I was crazy! She probably still thinks I’m crazy, but she also agrees it’s the best thing we ever did!

APA: Was the process of becoming a League Operator difficult?

Larry: As for the process of becoming a League Operator, our hardest part was learning to work on the computer LOL. We never had jobs that required us to use a computer, but the National Office has a great training program and they’re always ready to help you through any problems!

APA: What do you enjoy most about being a League Operator?

Larry: I could say the travel, as we go to Vegas twice a year. We normally go to Florida for APA Regional Meetings every fall, but this year we’re going to Galveston Island in Texas. But I can’t say that’s what I enjoy most. I love to watch the new players as they learn the game of pool. I wish I could be there every time when they win their first match. The excitement in their face is PRICELESS!!!

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