Roughly 90% of sighting the object ball is done back away from the table, as you get a clearer view of the shot.  You’ll also see the line of the shot more clearly from there than when down on the shot.

This is the most important part of every shot you’ll take.  If you don’t sight the ball correctly in your setup, you might be aligned incorrectly.  You need to see the shot back away from the table and walk into the line of the shot, planting your lead leg on the line of the shot.  Your lead leg will be further explained in Step 2 (Stance/Alignment) in the next post.

Hold your hand in front of your face, about an inch away. Now look at your hand.  How clearly can you see it?  Not clearly at all.

Now, move your hand slowly away from your face, about 6-8 inches.  How clearly can you see it now?  Very clearly.

Now, stand back away from the table and look at the object ball you’re about to play.  You’ll have a much clearer view of the line of the shot and a better idea of where you should aim.

Employing this concept on each shot will promote tunnel vision and being “in the zone.” After practicing this awhile, it’ll become natural.  You’ll be able to do it without even thinking about doing it—it’ll become second nature.

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