APA MiniMania Tournaments

Event Registration, Payout, Rules and Regulations

 (In Addition to Tournament Rules)

  1. You must be a current APA member to register for any MiniMania Event.
  2. You must be at least 18 years of age to participate.
  3. All participants must have 20 scores in one format (either 8‑Ball or 9-Ball) within the last two years. (10 scores in 8-Ball & 10 scores in 9-Ball will not be considered 20 scores.)  These scores must be entered into our database by April 15 for the Poolplayer Championships and July 24 for the World Pool Championships.  Masters Division players who do not have enough scores must have 20 matches played in the Masters Division or any combination of 20 scores/matches between 8-Ball, 9-Ball and Masters. All scores and/or matches must be within the last two years.  Master Division players who do not have the 20 scores in one format; but do have 20 scores/matches played, will play at a skill level 7 in 8-Ball and skill level 9 in 9-Ball.  Scores/Matches obtained at the Event will not count towards the 20 needed to participate.
  4. A player with the 20 required scores in 8-Ball may participate in a 9-Ball MiniMania Event, however they will play at one skill level higher than their 8-Ball skill (8-Ball skill level is a 4, the 9-Ball skill level is a 5, except skill level 7’s must compete as 9’s).
  5. A player with the 20 required scores in 9-Ball may participate in an 8-Ball MiniMania Event, however they will play at one skill level higher than their 9-Ball skill level (9-Ball skill level is a 4, the 8-Ball skill level is a 5).
  6. In order to conduct a fair and equitable Tournament for all participants, APA must ensure that all participants are playing at their Highest Skill Level. Accordingly, APA may disqualify any participant deemed by APA to be playing at a skill level below his or her Highest Skill Level.  The determination of whether a player is playing at his or her Highest Skill Level is necessarily subjective; APA is the sole judge of a player’s ability and may make such a determination in its absolute judgment and discretion.
  7. Any member who is currently suspended from their Local League will not be allowed to participate in these Events.
  8. There is a 24-hour Event registration window.
  9. You are only allowed to register for one Event within a 4-hour time frame.
  10. You may only play in one MiniMania Event at a time.
  11. Photo identification and a digital APA Membership Card is required during play in any MiniMania Event and to collect any cash payout.
  12. Only the person(s) participating in an Event may register. No one may register for you.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  13. Both partners must be present to register for any MiniMania Doubles Events.
  14. Your match will be forfeited if you do not report to the Control Table within 15 minutes of your match being called.
  15. You are allowed to sell your entry up to 15 minutes prior to the start. All sales must be made through the MiniMania Control Table.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  16. All MiniMania Events are Single Elimination Format.
  17. All MiniMania Events payback 100% of entry fees. Winnings must be collected prior to 3:00 am of the last day or they will be forfeited.
  18. The Rules in The Official APA/CPA 8-Ball & 9-Ball Game Rules Booklet, the Official Team Manual, the Event Program and on poolplayers.com apply except to the extent they conflict with these Rules For Participation.
  19. The Tournament Dress Code will be enforced.
  21. Coaching is not permitted. (No time-outs.)
  22. Men participating in MiniMania Events must play at skill level 3 or higher in 8-Ball and at a skill level 2 or higher in 9-Ball.
  23. No refunds of entry and/or table fee(s) will be granted to players who forfeit or are disqualified regardless of the reason for the forfeit or disqualification.
  24. Tables are $1 per game.
  25. All MiniMania Events are cash only; credit/debit cards are not accepted.
  26. Description of MiniMania Doubles formats:
  • Scotch Doubles: Teams consist of any two eligible APA members.  Team members alternate shots.
  • 8-Ball Doubles: Race to three games regardless of combined skill level.
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