On July 10, Mohawk Valley APA helped Scott and Kim Tranter—owners of Empire Diner in Herkimer, N.Y.—raise money for local charities by building the World’s Largest Omelet.  It was no coincidence that the omelet looked like a giant pool table.

Volunteers spent several hours cooking eggs dyed with green food coloring and placing them on a large platform in front of the diner.  Donations were accepted in exchange for the opportunity to hit billiard-themed beach balls with an 18-foot cue stick into pockets made out of trash cans.  The event raised $12,000 in food and $10,000 in cash for local food banks.

It took 45,000 eggs, 200 pounds of cheese, 150 gallons of milk and 120 pounds of butter to make the 2,200 square foot omelet, which broke the record set by the Tranter’s back in 2002.  “Ripley’s Believe It or Not” has even agreed to feature the record breaking omelet in a future edition.

So, how many people did it take to eat the World’s Largest Omelet?  The answer will remain unknown, since the giant omelet was donated to local pig farmers to be used as feed.

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