186-TeamNamePlaque-medTeams qualified for the 2010 National Team Championships may enter the Team Name Contest between now and July 5. Simply fill out the form on poolplayers.com telling us the story behind your team name. Team names should be theme-oriented and not focus on the National Team Championships, the Riviera Hotel & Casino or Las Vegas. Team names that contain any trademarks (Riviera Hotel, etc.), are sexually explicit, or have violent content will be disqualified.

Staff members at the APA National Office will review all stories submitted to narrow the contest field. Selected stories will be posted on poolplayers.com from July 14 to Aug. 13 for voting. A winner will be determined in each National Championship category—8-Ball Open, 8-Ball Ladies, and 9-Ball. Winning teams will have their photograph taken at the tournament and a story with their photo will be placed in the Fall Edition of The American Poolplayer® magazine. Each member of the winning teams will receive a commemorative plaque containing a laminated copy of the magazine article.

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