Mike (Mikey) Wilt of Little Rock, Ark., has a 20-year tenure with the APA.  A dedicated player since turning 21 in 1993, he’s totaled more than 800 lifetime matches in both 8-Ball and 9-Ball.  Mike is an exemplary example of sportsmanship, and is loved by all that know him.

“Pool is my vice,” Mike said.  “I don’t drink or smoke, so playing pool is where it’s always been for me.”

He traveled with his 8-Ball team, The Toppers, in 1999 to the National Team Championships in Vegas. He’s also played to the finals in many Singles Regionals.  Mike travels more than an hour to play in the Masters format in Hot Springs.

Mike currently plays on three APA teams—8-Ball, 9-Ball and Masters.  He’s a skill level 6 in 8-Ball and a skill level 8 in 9-Ball.

“What makes APA special to me is the consistency,” Mike states. “Over the years, it hasn’t really changed.  It is what it is.  Other leagues change rules and formats, but the APA is a constant.”

Mike was asked to captain the South Central Arkansas APA “King of the Hill” tournament—a fun sort of grudge match between two different League areas.  This year they brought home the travel cup for the men’s team!  Mike has an excellent eye for coaching.

South Central Arkansas APA League Operators Russ and Cyndi Hannahs enjoy having him in the League—he’s always helpful and kind to others.   A fun fact; Mikey is a true blue “pool boy” in more than just billiards.  He works as a Contract Coordinator for a local swimming pool company in North Little Rock.  “Oh pooool boy” might come to mind or out of a mouth anytime he walks into a room.

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