Michael Weitz of Boise, Idaho joined the APA in 2006 as a way to meet people after moving to Phoenix for a job. He had never played in a pool league before, but his new teammates, who quickly became friends, encouraged and coached him to become a better player and adjust to the League. With their help, Michael went from a skill level 3 to a 5 in 3 ½ years.  Several years later, a job offer took Michael and his wife away from Phoenix to Boise.

The first thing he did after moving to Boise was contact the South Idaho APA League Operator, Steve Morton. Michael says the great thing about the APA is that if a player does have to move somewhere, he or she can join the local APA League and get right back into playing without having to learn new rules and regulations.

“When you start a brand new league where virtually every player is new to APA, it is of immense help to have experienced players come along and Michael is one of these,” Morton said.

Michael currently plays 8-Ball on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. He’s been the Team Captain twice, has been presented with MVP awards from his teammates and has helped new players (even if they’re on another team) understand the nuances of the APA League, just as his new teammates did for him when he first started playing in Phoenix.

“He helps everyone, especially players new to APA. If I have a brand new team starting, I usually try to put them against Michael’s team in week one because I know that he will be there to help them,” Morton said.

His goal has always been to make to Vegas for the national championships. This year, Michael and his team made that dream a reality! His team, Janet’s Sharks, competed in the 8-Ball Division of the 2015 National Team Championships—they won their first two matches, but were knocked out of the tournament on the third match. Michael had a great time taking in the Vegas experience for the first time!

Outside of pool, Michael writes mystery fiction. His books, “Even Dead Men Play Chess” and award-winning “The Grandmaster’s King,” are chess-related, but he’s entertaining ideas about writing a mystery around the game of pool as well. He enjoys photography, travel and bicycling and is lucky to have a wife who is happy to let him indulge in his hobbies and past times!

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