Richard Holden of Baltimore, Md., has been playing pool for over 60 years! He started in the Busch League in September 1982 and hasn’t missed a session of APA play in the last 33 years!

Richard has been a Division Representative for the APA Pool League of Maryland, operated by Terry and Valerie Justice, for the past 20 years. He began as a part-time Division Rep when APA started in the area. In 2014, Richard received a 15-year full-time Division Rep plaque from the League.

Currently, Richard plays 8-Ball and 9-Ball as a skill level 5. Richard has made it a goal to qualify for the National Championships in Vegas! He’s been given the nickname the Iron Man (Cal Ripken analogy for not taking a game off). And, in turn, we’ve coined him the APA Iron Man!

“Richard is one of the nicest people in the League, who I’ve had the pleasure to know for over 30 years.  People like Richard make the APA what it is today,” said APA Pool League of Maryland League Operator Terry Justice.

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