Merlinda and Dennis Foster, Sr., or “Mom and Pop” as they are more affectionately known by the extended family of APA players at Mr. Cues II in Atlanta, Ga., have cemented themselves into the APA community. They began playing in 1994 and have climbed to the top of APA Atlanta’s total matches played list—Merlinda being number one with 3,123 matches played, and Dennis Sr. number three with 2,440! They, along with their son, Dennis, Jr. and his girlfriend, Anita Cravens, have all been awarded leather jackets by the APA Atlanta signifying them as Milestone Club members. The family has over 7,600 matches played combined!

“Mom and Pop” are the center of a family of members in Atlanta where they’ve been actively playing for over 20 years. They’ve been the Team Captains of numerous 8-Ball and 9-Ball teams over the years, generally playing three or four nights a week. Their leadership has attracted a multitude of players to APA in Atlanta, adding to the APA family they’ve help build.

Dennis, Sr. commands immense respect when it comes to rules conflicts. As quoted by David Simmons, a member of APA Atlanta and someone who’s known them for years, “people go to Pop and what Pop says goes. No question about it.” Merlinda has made her own impact on Dennis through her shooting style. According to him, “Merlinda almost always shoots hard down onto the ball, resulting in almost any time she misses, at least five rails are hit by at least three different balls.” He dubbed that unique shot as “the Merlinda.”

Together, Merlinda and Dennis, Sr. have truly made an impact on the tight-knit APA Atlanta family!  “We are proud of all our Milestone members, but particularly these four players—our top four matches played members!” APA Atlanta League Operator Woody McClure said. “Like Dreamland Barbecue’s tagline goes, ‘ain’t nuthin’ like ‘em nowhere’!”

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