In 2008, Kolby Aguiar was a member of the APA and looking to form a new team. Kolby asked a few of his friends who enjoyed shooting pool to join his Monday night 8-Ball team. Unfortunately, in 2010, at the age of 24, Kolby passed away. Kolby never had the chance to compete in the National Team Championships, but his team stayed together and finally qualified this year.

“We have made team shirts in memory of Kolby and have decided to dedicate this tournament in him,” team member Adam Younger said. “I can also say if it wasn’t for Kolby, a few of us might not be members of the APA today. He is with us this week as our 9th man.”

The team members of Millers from New Bedford, Mass., include: Adam Younger, Ryan Buckley, Adam Desmarais, Sarah Desmarais, Adam Conner, John Savage, Ryan Hemingway and Chris Arsenault. They competed in the 9-Ball Open Division.

“We expect to have fun and enjoy playing in the tournament with good people,” Adam said. “A lot of teams in the APA are thrown together for ‘pool’ purposes but our team is assembled of lifelong friends who love shooting pool. We play really well together and everyone has an equal role in our team’s success.”

This was the entire team’s first trip to the National Team Championships, so they were looking forward to everything Vegas has to offer.

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