USAM12_PPP-151-195x129Last year a friend told Steve Lenz of Mauriceville, Texas about an upcoming Preliminary Round for the U.S. Amateur Championship and encouraged him to enter the event with him. As it turned out, both participants qualified for the championship rounds. Though Lenz wasn’t thrilled with a respectable 17th Place finish, he relished the memories he made on the trip with his friend.

This year Steve will have to make the trip with his good friend Shane. Earlier this year Shane was diagnosed with cancer. While the experience won’t be the same for Steve without Shane there, he hopes to improve upon last year’s standings and has decided to dedicate his performance to his friend.

“There’s only one expectation that I have, I expect to play at a higher level than ever before, hopefully with the support from friends and family, God willing I will be the last one standing holding the trophy dedicated to my friend, “ Steve said.

And while the he would certainly savor the victory, seeing his friend win his battle with cancer is what he’s hoping to ultimately celebrate.

“It would be such a great feeling to complete this journey with the title of US Amateur Champion, but it will be a better feeling when he beats cancer. Shane is a fighter and he will win this battle, with prayers and support from his friends and family. This one is for you Shane LeBlanc,” he added.

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