We’ve created some pool-themed pumpkin carving templates so you can showcase your love of pool on Halloween! Be sure to share your photos with us on social media – we’d love to feature them!

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Simple 8-Ball (Easy)

Tip from the carver: Don’t abuse the tools. Make sure to read the instructions on how to use them properly. Be sure to have a trash bag under your pumpkin and some napkins. It will get a little messy.

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8-Ball Starburst (Moderate)

Tip from the carver: If you cannot carve the curves for the starburst (I found it a bit difficult), then just do straight angles instead.

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9-Ball Starburst (Moderate)

Tip from the carver: Start carving from the inside out. If you carve from the outside and work inwards, the inside will be frail when you’re trying to cut pieces out and may break.

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Rack & Cues (Moderate)

Tip from the carver: Use a dry-erase marker. I used a pen but wish I had a dry-erase marker to sketch out my art on the pumpkin. Don’t rush; take your time on the small elements in the design and use the correct size tools.

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APA Logo (Difficult)

Tip from the carver: Go slow on the details, especially the box around the logo. Use the smaller pumpkin shaving tools first and then go with the bigger tools to do the center and to deepen the shaving. The deeper you shave, the brighter the pumpkin will light from behind!

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