Really!?! from the Cheyenne Saloon in East Palatka, Fla., came in last place during the last session. When the wild card draw came up, their Team Captain won the wild card. They played and won at the money cup, then the next week saw LTCs (Local Team Championships) on their scoresheet. They were thrilled except for the fact that they were supposed to attend a breast cancer benefit for one of the bartenders at the Cheyenne Saloon. The owner of the Cheyenne Saloon insisted that the team go to the LTC, as they may never get the chance to play there again.

The day of the LTC, the team wore pink ribbons in support of their friend Cathy. They never got out of the winner’s bracket and ended up qualifying for the National Team Championships Open 8-Ball Division!

“I feel that my team is special because we are all different,” Team Captain Karen Hayes said. “We play different, but at the same time we work together and if we win, we win as a team, if we lose, we lose as a team. I also feel that we never let anything get to us; we do a lot of laughing together. We were told at the LTCs that we are a unique and a very fun team to play against.”

Team members of Really!?! include: Karen “CC” Hayes, Dean Ward, Justin Eckstein, Tammy Langford, Damon “Nomad” Caudill and Joanne Caudill. The team looked forward to meeting people from all over the country and watching how everyone plays pool.

“I expect my team to have fun no matter what,” Karen said. “I don’t care whether we win or lose to be honest, all I want from my team is for them to have fun. I am excited that we are going to Vegas nothing else matters. I am so PROUD of my team…I cannot stress it enough. We are happy we are representing the Cheyenne Saloon.”

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