Rhode Island APA held a Toys for Tots tournament in November, culminating with a tournament on Saturday, Nov. 21. The event drew 35 players and took place at Run ‘Em Racks in Johnston, R.I. The tournament was a random-draw scotch doubles 8-Ball event.

League Operators Shira Simon and Justin Wales divided entrants into two groups – skill level 5 and up and skill level 4 or below. They then matched each higher-skilled player with a lower-skilled player, and held even races on both sides of the bracket. Because of the odd number, Simon played. Though she and her partner, Mike Bottachiari, lost the first round, they went far on the one-loss side of the double-elimination tournament. Simon awarded those that defeated her with “I Beat the League Operator” patches.

The entry fee was $10 plus a toy, so the pot totaled $360. Justin and Shira added $140 to the pot to make it an even $500. Host Location owner, Chris Jackson, threw in another $100.

“The pandemic has created an even bigger need for toy donations than in a normal year and these donations will go a long way to making a brighter Christmas for children in need right here in Rhode Island!” Wales and Simon said.

Players maintained social distance and kept their masks up, making the event safe and fun. First Place was won by well-known cue maker Mike Webb and his partner, Nicky Bottachiari, a skill level 4. This was Nicky’s first-ever tournament win! Second Place went to Jimmy Flanagan (SL6) and Fletcher Fisher (SL4). Third Place was Chuck Sampson (SL5) and Kristen Bessette (SL3). Fourth Place was won by Eric Seaberg (SL6) and Jose Silva (SL4).

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