“Meet friends, have fun, and join a family and community that extends beyond the pool table.”

Members of the San Diego APA, Cory Lents and Matt Jagelinski, held a fundraiser on March 11, 2023 at StageCoach Inn in Vista, Calif., to benefit one of their own members, Ray Borduin.

Ray Borduin was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in late January of this year. The entire San Diego pool community really banded behind him. Over 100 people attended a fundraising tournament where approximately $10,000 was raised to help with his medical expenses!

“Some people at the event hadn’t played APA in a decade but came out and were talking about rejoining after seeing the community that has formed,” Ray said.  “It was really amazing. I wasn’t there because I can’t be in crowds but I did a Zoom call they put on the big screen so I could thank everyone.”

Rocky was one gentleman that attended the fundraiser. He is a SL7/9 that Ray played with on his first team 17 years ago.  He hasn’t played in 15 years but talked about coming back after seeing the event. A woman from his first team also attended the event.  She hasn’t played in 8 years but it just shows how long friendships can form as a result of playing in the League. She also was talking about coming back.

“The San Diego APA is such a close-knit community, where players will find any occasion to get together and play pool, including birthday party tournaments, going away party tournaments, fundraiser tournaments and celebration of life tournaments,” San Diego APA League Operators Liza Gazmen/Scot Burnell said. “Our players have a great bond, and it really is so touching and nice to know that the League is so much more than just competing with each other.”

Ray and his girlfriend, Trish Beaty, met through APA when they were on the same first team in 2006. They’ve been playing in San Diego for almost two decades and have more than 1,000 combined matches.  They’ve competed in the World Pool Championships in Vegas multiple times with both 8 and 9-Ball teams. They also finished Runner-Up in 8-Ball Southwest Challenge and 3rd Place in the 9-Ball Southwest Challenge.

“Without APA I would never have 150 people in my corner when diagnosed with something like this,” Ray said.One San Diego APA player showed up and called to tell me he is a cancer survivor with my exact diagnosis and is 2 years cancer free now. To find a local APA cancer survivor with my exact diagnosis was a real inspiration. It’s not lost on me that my relationship with APA is really helping save my life literally.”

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