On Sept. 21, 2019, the San Diego APA Junior Academy billiard sharks and their families pooled together to make a difference by volunteering at La Jolla Beach with the nonprofit organization I Love A Clean San Diego for the 35th annual Coastal Cleanup Day.

They chalked one up for the environment and took aim at pollution! After helping to clean up the beach, everyone broke and ran for the picnic area for a beach party and BBQ.

“It was a win/win situation and we had a ball as we all felt the joy of giving back!” said San Diego APA League Operator Jill Frankland. “We had such a great time that we plan to make it an annual event!”

From the cleanupday.org website:

In just three hours today, more than 6,500 volunteers cleared nearly 145,000 pounds (72.5 tons) of waste and debris from streets, canyons, parks and the coastline in communities across San Diego County for the 35th annual Coastal Cleanup Day, organized by the nonprofit I Love A Clean San Diego. The day’s environmental protection effort took place at 107 sites around the region and prevented the equivalent of 5,500 garbage trucks emptying their contents into the ocean.

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