APA Jack & Jill Championship

Rules For Participation

The APA Poolplayer Championships and Showdown Series events (collectively the “Tournament”) are operated and administered by American Poolplayers Association, Inc. and its affiliated leagues in Canada and Japan (collectively, “APA”).  APA acting through its designated officials, including APA’s Handicap Review Committee (“HRC”) is the Tournament Director for this Tournament.  As Tournament Director, APA has the full, absolute and final authority to make all rulings, decisions and judgments, in the exercise of its sole discretion, on all issues and matters related to this Tournament.  The Tournament Director’s rulings, determinations and judgments are final.
This is a handicapped tournament.  Skill levels are calculated using The Equalizer® Handicapping System.  For more information regarding The Equalizer®, refer to the APA Official Team Manual (“OTM”).
Tournament slots are obtained from your Local League Operator.

The following are rules applicable to this Tournament:

1. You must have submitted an Entry Form and entry fee prior to June 30, 2022.

2. You must be at least 18 years of age to participate.

3. There is an enforced casual dress code in the Event Programand on poolplayers.com. Any player that the Tournament Director considers inappropriately dressed will be asked to change.

4. APA reserves the authority, at its sole discretion, to make modifications to the rules, format or any other aspect of the Tournament.

5. If this Event is cancelled for any reason, you understand that your only remedy is a refund of your entry fee.

6. Roster changes will not be accepted at the Tournament site in Las Vegas.

7. To be eligible to participate in this Tournament each team must consist of one male, and one female, whose Highest Skill Levels, when added together, must equal, or be less than, 10, unless the team won its bid through division play or a qualifying tournament, in which case the team will be allowed to start this Tournament with a combined skill level of 12 or less. If the team won its bid through a qualifying tournament, and has a combined skill level of 11 or 12, the qualifying tournament’s bracket must be submitted with the team’s entry, or the team will not be eligible.  If the team’s combined skill level exceeds the maximum, one or both players must be replaced, prior to the Tournament, to reduce the combined skill level to 10 or below.    The team members must be from the same League area and must each must have at least 20 8-Ball scores within the two years preceding June 30, 2022 and four scores from 8-Ball matches occurring during the preceding Spring Session of the League from which they qualified.  Each team member must be on the roster of at least one active Summer Session team, playing in the 8-Ball format.

8. The Tournament Entry Fee is $100 per team. There will be no refunds issued to no-shows or to entrants who are disqualified.

9. The maximum number of teams that can enter this Modified Single Elimination Tournament is 256. The size of the board and the breakdown of prize money will be based on the number of entries.

10. Matches are played according to an APA Jack & Jill Championship Handicap Race Chart provided at the Tournament.

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