APA Ladies 8-Ball Championship

Rules For Participation

The APA World Pool Championships and Showdown Series events (collectively the “Tournament”) are operated and administered by American Poolplayers Association, Inc. and its affiliated leagues in Canada and Japan (collectively, “APA”).  APA, acting through its designated officials, including APA’s Handicap Review Committee (the “HRC”) is the Tournament Director for this Tournament.  As Tournament Director, APA has the full, absolute and final authority to make all rulings, decisions and judgments, in the exercise of its sole discretion, on all issues and matters: related to this Tournament. The Tournament Director’s rulings, determinations and judgments are final.

 This is a handicapped tournament.  Skill levels are calculated using The Equalizer® Handicapping System.  For more information regarding The Equalizer®, refer to Section 4 of the APA Official Team Manual (“OTM”).


    1. Tournament slots are obtained from your Local League Operator.
    2. You must have submitted an Entry Form and entry fee prior to June 30, 2023.
    3. The Rules contained in The Official APA/CPA 8-Ball & 9-Ball Game Rules Booklet and the OTM apply to all Tournament matches and are applicable except to the extent they conflict with these Rules For Participation or the Certification Statement.
    4. You must be at least 18 years of age to participate.
    5. Roster changes will not be accepted at the Tournament site in Las Vegas.
    6. The Tournament Entry Fee is $200 per team. There will be no refunds issued to no-shows or to entrants who are disqualified.
    7. There is an enforced casual dress code described in the Event Program. Any player that the Tournament Director considers inappropriately dressed will be asked to change.
    8. Matches will not be postponed due to a player’s participation in multiple events.
    9. It is the responsibility of every player to verify that each opponent has a qualifying Photo ID that positively identifies that player as being the person shown on the scoresheet and that identifies the player’s gender as female. Do not assume a player is who they say they are.  If, prior to the lag, your opponent has not voluntarily presented her Photo ID for verification, it is your responsibility to request to see their Photo ID.  If you believe your opponent is not the person identified on the scoresheet, or that your opponent’s ID does not identify them as a female, you must notify a Referee before the lag and ask the Referee to examine the identity of the questioned player.  If the Referee cannot readily verify the player’s identity or gender from the Photo ID, they may consult the Tournament Director.  All decisions made by the Tournament Director regarding a player’s identity or eligibility are made in the Tournament Director’s sole discretion and judgment and are final.  If you fail to verify your opponent’s identity and gender prior to the lag and it is later determined an opposing player turns out to be an imposter, ineligible or to not have a valid Photo ID, you may be bound by the results of the match and you may not be granted any relief or remedy in the Tournament Director’s sole judgment and discretion.  If a player is put up to play and does not have her Photo ID, the match will be forfeited to the player’s opponent without right of protest or appeal.  This rule will be enforced regardless of whether the player’s Photo ID was lost, left somewhere, or the player needs to go get it.  Anyone posing as someone they are not and/or any player who cannot verify that she is the registered participant identified on the scoresheet and/or any player who is not identified as a female on their ID is subject to immediate disqualification from the Tournament and is subject to indefinite suspension from participation in APA, in APA’s sole judgment and discretion.
    10. A “Games Must Win” chart provided at the Tournament, and a 3 point scoring system as described below will be used during the Tournament. If Player A wins a shutout, they receive all three points.  If Player A wins the match, but Player B wins a game, Player A receives two points and Player B receives zero points.  If Player B makes it to the hill before Player A wins the match, Player A receives two points and Player B receives one point.
    11. Sudden Death is implemented 2 hours and 30 minutes into a Ladies match. The rack must be struck in the third individual match by the 2-hours-and-30-minutes mark, or all subsequent individual matches will begin with a rack worth two team points.  If that two-point rack mathematically wins the team match, the team match will be over; if it does not win the team match, a second rack worth one team point will conclude that individual match.  This procedure will continue in each subsequent individual match until a team mathematically wins or the overall match finishes in a tie: one two-point rack, followed by a one-point rack if necessary.  Tie breakers will be decided by the team that won the most individual matches.  NOTE: During Ladies Sudden Death, the individual match winner will be the player who wins the two-point rack.
    12. In order to conduct a fair and equitable tournament for all participants, APA must ensure that all participants are playing at their Highest Skill Level, as that term is defined in the Certification Statement. Accordingly, APA may disqualify any team if one or more of its players are deemed by APA to be playing at a skill level below their Highest Skill Level.  The determination of whether a player is playing at her Highest Skill Level is necessarily subjective; APA is the sole judge of a player’s ability and may make such a determination in its absolute judgment and discretion.
    13. Any player entering the Tournament under fraudulent or false pretenses or participating in the Tournament under fraudulent or false pretenses will be disqualified. Players may also be disqualified for excessive skill level movement, irregularities or falsification of any scoresheet or Certification Statement, or for sportsmanship violations affecting the integrity of the Tournament, APA or the sport.
    14. APA has the absolute and final authority to make all rulings relating to, or having an effect on, the Tournament and APA members’ participation in the Tournament, including, but not limited to, rulings regarding player ability, skill level assignment, adjustments of a player’s skill levels and disqualifications. If a player is disqualified from this Tournament for any reason, that player will forfeit all titles, awards, and prize money they would otherwise be entitled to, and receive a minimum two-year suspension of their membership in APA.  Disqualification can occur prior to, during, or after the Tournament.
    15. APA reserves the authority, at its sole discretion, to make modifications to the rules, format or any other aspect of the Tournament.
    16. Maximum of 5 players allowed on roster. Team members must be from the same League area.
    17. Teams may choose any 3 of the 5 team members to participate in each match.
    18. The total of the skill levels of the 3 players fielded in any team match cannot exceed 13.
    19. Players participating on a Ladies Division roster must have at least ten (10) 8-Ball scores within the last year by the entry deadline of June 30, 2023 to be eligible to play in the Tournament.
    20. Players who do not participate on a Ladies Division roster must have at least twenty (20) 8-Ball scores within the last two years by the entry deadline of June 30, 2023.
    21. Players must also have played at least four (4) times in the Spring Session in the League area the team represents to be eligible to play in the Tournament. Matches must be in the standard 8-Ball format or on a Ladies Division team.
    22. Players must also be on an active (Summer Session) APA roster in any 8-Ball format to be eligible to play in the Tournament.
    23. One common player is allowed for teams who qualify through Ladies Division play.
    24. The maximum number of teams that can enter this Modified Single Elimination Tournament is 256. The size of the board and the breakdown of prize money will be based on the number of entries.
    25. Each team is limited to one coaching time-out per game.
    26. If this Tournament is cancelled for any reason, you understand that your only remedy is a refund of your entry fee.
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