On Oct. 16, 2016, the South Idaho APA held a Shoot for a Cure benefit tournament at Monkey Bizness in Nampa, Idaho. They sponsored a local family whose child was diagnosed with cancer. South Idaho APA League Operator, Charice Hubbard contacted a service worker at St. Luke’s Hospital so they could identify a family in need. The hospital anonymously provided some background information stating the child, Alex, was diagnosed with Leukemia, went through chemotherapy and was thought to be in remission. The family went on with their lives, the mother became pregnant with their second child, and just a month before her due date, Alex’s test results showed treatment would need to start again. Adding insult to injury, the father recently lost his job. Charice organized an 8-Ball Singles tournament where 16 players competed and many more showed up to support the cause! In addition to the tournament, there was a raffle and silent auction to help raise money. The Host Location, Monkey Bizness, put together a $2 taco bar with all proceeds going to the cause. They also donated dozens of prizes for the raffle. “Running the 2016 Shoot for a Cure event was our most rewarding tournament yet!” Charice said. “It was incredible to see the camaraderie, empathy and generosity of our players.” Ryan Porter was the tournament winner and a total of $1,290 was donated to the family in need! “Not only were we able to perpetuate a feeling of community within our League, but also anonymously helped a family in their greatest time of need. We are honored to be a part of this community,” Charice said.
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