APA Leagues are about the excitement of competition, but more importantly, they’re about fun. We want our members who compete in the National Championship events to have the experience of a lifetime. An important ingredient in that experience is good sportsmanship. Sportsmanship is the key to the success of weekly APA League play and APA national tournaments.
We realize the level of competition in our National Championships may be unlike any you have ever experienced. But please don’t let your competitive fire overshadow the level of sportsmanship you express to your opponent. Be sure to introduce yourself to your opponent, shake their hand and wish them luck before a match. If your opponent makes a great shot, don’t be shy about telling them so. More importantly, if your opponent makes a bad shot or a mistake during the match, don’t openly celebrate their misfortune.
An easy way to exhibit good sportsmanship is by simply putting yourself in your opponent’s position. If you were to scratch, or sink the 8-ball out-of-turn, how would you feel if your opponent cheered or clapped? A more appropriate response might be, “Tough break,” or simply saying nothing at all. Win or lose, thank your opponent after the match and, once again, shake their hand.
And don’t forget, if your opponent displays great sportsmanship during the match, nominate them for the sportsmanship award. Remember that everyone who qualifies to compete in a National Championship is already a winner and a champion, so be sure to treat them as such!

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