April Hayes of Lafayette, La., was described by a fellow teammate as fair, compassionate, completely unselfish and always supportive. April has learned pool alongside her father, and fellow teammate, Richard Hayes, who introduced her to the sport nearly five years ago. Ever since then, she’s found a passion and love for the sport, her team and the other teams in the League.

“I’ve been a part of the APA for going on 7 years now,” teammate Beau Landry said. “I’ve been on countless teams with great captains and great people, but none of them compare to this amazing woman. When I joined this team we hadn’t even met each other but I can honestly say that from the moment I joined, she made me feel like I was part of a family, her family.”

April is always positive and helps keep the team in the right mindset. If they’re losing a game, she encourages them to shake it off and stay positive and confident. She tells teammates to “imagine the win…believe you are going to make that shot…you’ve got this.” And, when someone loses, she still encourages them and lets them know that it happens to the best of us and that it’s about getting better while having fun and doing what we love!

No matter what, she’s always smiling. April’s team, Voodoo, recently won the Sportsmanship Award. This award was voted on by all the teams in the division. April plays in the APA Acadiana Pool League operated by Preston and Lisa Granger.

“There are a lot of people who think being a Team Captain is just making sure the money gets paid or the paperwork is right, but not her,” Beau said. “She also cares about making sure everyone shares a passion for pool and that everyone on our team are good people because she truly cares.”

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