Bob Cambron of Louisville, Ky., is 79 years young and plays APA League four nights a week. He’s been playing year-round for about 20 years now! Bob has played on 187 teams and been the Team Captain of 116 of them. In 8-Ball, he has over 2,200 matches played—that’s the most of anyone in Louisville by nearly 1,000 matches! Bob always ensures he knows the rules and makes sure his team (and his opponents) abide by those rules. He’s usually one of the first ones at League every night and stays until the end. Unless he’s playing, he’s keeping score for his team. Defensive shots are a key part of Bob’s game and he makes it a point to teach his team that strategy as well. He’s always willing to spend time with newer players to help them learn and succeed at the game of pool. Thanks for all you do, Bob!
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