Margie Diamon of Schoolcraft, Mich., began playing in the Kalamazoo APA in 2014 with her husband, Lani, and son, Sean. She started out by watching and keeping score for the team, but was eventually recruited to play as well. She was promoted to Team Captain in 2014 and has remained in that position since. Margie’s team has participated in the World Qualifier tournament in their area five times. They took 3rd Place in 2017 after several very close matches. It was a grueling weekend for Margie because she has some chronic health conditions, but that didn’t stop her from playing or being at every single match! Placing 3rd qualifies them for the Great Lakes Invitational, a regional tournament that’ll be held in January. Margie’s team also qualified for the local Hawaii Team Championship where the winner earns a trip to Hawaii to compete in the Aloha Challenge next year. Her goal is to one day make it to Vegas! “Although she struggles sometimes to pick up a cue or walk, she never complains,” Kalamazoo League Operator Daryl Keeler said. “She’s always there for her team and her competitive spirit and drive to never give up are an inspiration to all other players!” Margie is invaluable to her team because she’s always there, week after week, no matter how she feels. She also keeps a notebook with every teammate’s wins and losses, their opponents, how well they played, all their stats, etc. Margie is currently a skill level 3. Good luck, Margie – we hope to see you in Vegas soon!