Gus Moghaddasi of Round Rock, Texas has been playing in the APA of Austin since 2007. In addition to being a motivator, strategist and leader for his team, he’s also the glue that holds them all together. His teammates say he encourages them to maintain a can-win attitude. He checks in with each player so they’re involved in which match they play and selectively reminds them of their strengths against an opponent. Gus has created an environment where each member wants play their best for the team. Gus always makes time to work with his teammates and cares how they progress. He always recognizes their contributions to the team’s success. Last year, they finished 63rd in the 9-Ball World Championship in Vegas. Gus first met his now wife as a Jack & Jill partner for the Jack & Jill Doubles Championship in Vegas. Afterwards, they started playing together on the same weekly team and soon after got engaged. They married in Vegas during the World Pool Championships and even bought a timeshare together at the Westgate to take advantage of at all the APA championship events. We look forward to seeing you all in Vegas for years to come, Gus!
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