Thank you to all the referees and floor managers who donated their time at the 2022 Poolplayer Championships! The event wouldn’t be possible without you!

2022 Poolplayer Championships Floor Managers

Floor Managers

(L to R): Jason Dusel, Matt Gillespie, Dana Patton, Don Ward, Stacey Elliott, Jeff Howell, Danielle Hecht, Johnny Maricich, Gregg Cordero

2022 Poolplayer Championships Referees


Front Row (L to R): Walter Massingill, Aaron Harshman, Robbie Schwedler, Shawn Johnston, Casey Betancur, Sara Williams, Jared Ware

Second Row (L to R): Shawn Kellar, Russel Crutchley, Christopher Hall, Sydney Stowe, Timothy Mccormick, Terry White, Robert Garcia, Anthony Cranford, Derrick Watson, Gary Melton, Robert   Duke, Andrew  Shields, Joseph Mosher, Larry La Frank

Third Row (L to R): Julio Alvarez, Julian Phelps, James DeWeese, Raymond Carfrey, Kendra Schott, Dale Williams, Jeffrey Hiatt, Mark Krech, Christopher Hinkle, Kevin Villarreal, Kevin Tesmacher, John Foster

Back Row (L to R): Michael Potter, Stephen Browning, Joseph Cabezas, Kevin McCarthy, Paul Soldan, Kenneth Mckeel, Calvin Newman, James Bostic, Jordan Sanders, Jennifer Anderson, William Clark

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