Tiebreaker Scenarios

If two teams are tied – Break the tie by letting their overall records against each other during regular session play decide the outcome.
Example: Teams #6 and #10 finish tied for 3rd Place. These two teams played each other twice during the session as follows:

1st Match: Team #6 won 7-5
2nd Match: Team #10 won 6-3
Team #6 totaled 10 points, while Team #10 totaled 11 points. Team #10 is the declared winner of third place.

If they played each other more than once and the overall point total is a tie, only the last time they played each other will be considered. If the result is still a tie, the winner will be determined by the team that won the most individual matches the last time they played.
If three or more teams are tied – Break the tie by matching the teams against each other according to which teams involved met first during the session.

After the matching-up, proceed as described above to determine a winner and then match the winner against the other team in the tie as described above.
Example: Teams #2, #5, and #10 all tied for 3rd Place in a session. Looking back in the schedule, none of them met in the first week of play. Team #2 played Team #10 in the second week, so their tie is broken (as described above).

The losing team is then out of further consideration and receives the lowest available “place” in the division standings of the tied teams. The winner is then matched against Team #5, and their tie is broken (as described above).

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